If you have a flexible spending account and are looking for ways to use the money before the end of the year, consider a visit to the dentist’s office. Dental expenses qualify as permissible spending for flex dollars, and spending them is a good way to help yourself cover expenses not covered by your dental insurance.

Make Quality Dental Care Affordable

One of the problems many people encounter with their dental insurance is that it only covers the most basic levels of dental care. For example, if you need a filling, it may only cover the cost of a metal amalgam filling, leaving you to pay additional cost for tooth-colored fillings.

The same applies for dental crowns. Your insurance company considers the cost of a crown as being the most basic cost, even when you might benefit from a sturdier crown made of advanced materials. The insurance company also doesn’t care about how your crown looks–that’s considered a cosmetic benefit, and they think that you should pay for it.

But your flex spending account doesn’t make the distinction between one dental crown and another. It won’t let you buy a crown simply for cosmetic purposes, but it’s perfectly reasonable to pay additional expense to make a medically necessary crown highly attractive as well.

You can also use flex dollars to pay for the convenience of CEREC same-day dental crowns. This not only ensures you spend your flex dollars–it helps you get your treatment completed by the end of the year.

Dental implants are also not covered by many dental insurance plans, but they’re considered good expenses for flex spending accounts. Flex dollars can really help make your dental implant costs more affordable.

What about Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth whitening can’t be paid for using flex spending accounts. But there are ways that you can get cosmetic results using health-related procedures.

We’ve already talked about the use of reconstructive dentistry procedures that are attractive as well, but consider the improvement in your appearance if you get an additional cleaning, which would not normally be covered by your insurance, but provides good health benefits as well as aesthetic ones. For many people, additional checkups and cleanings may be recommended anyway, especially if you have dental implants.

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