Dental implants can help you enjoy food

Dentures are, at best, a mediocre solution to replacing missing teeth. If you decided to get them after losing one or more teeth, it’s likely you’re regretting that decision now. Especially if you used to enjoy eating, you’ve probably experienced many of the shortcomings of dentures firsthand.

But eating doesn’t have to stay an unpleasant experience. One of the benefits of dental implants is a renewed enjoyment of food. Here are the ways that dental implants contribute to a more enjoyable eating experience.

More Comfort

Dentures just don’t feel like natural teeth, and they’re often uncomfortable to eat with. And they tend to get more uncomfortable throughout the day, so that by dinner time you’re likely experiencing considerable discomfort.

That’s because dentures sit on your gums. Your gums are soft tissues that were never designed to support the force of chewing. Even after they toughen up, you’ll likely still experience discomfort from eating with dentures.

But with dental implants, the force of biting is transferred to your bone, just like it’s supposed to be. That means that eating with them is as comfortable as eating with natural, healthy teeth. And there won’t be any more seeds or crumbs stuck between your denture and your gums.

Better Variety of Foods

You’ve probably already learned what you can and can’t eat with your dentures. And you probably miss them.

But with dental implants, you can put all those foods back on your menu. With dental implants you can eat all your favorite foods again: steaks, fresh fruits and vegetables. Chewy breads and crunchy snacks. You name it, you can eat it.

Food Will Be More Flavorful

Have you noticed that food seems to have less flavor since you started wearing dentures? It’s not your imagination. Dentures can actually decrease your ability to taste foods.

That’s because dentures depend on surface area to stay in place. An upper denture likely covers your entire palate, which is as important for your sense of taste as your tongue is. Even a lower denture obstructs your oral environment and reduces your ability to taste foods–as well as disrupting their mouthfeel.

Because dental implants don’t depend on surface area for retention, they can be made the same size as your natural teeth–or sometimes a little larger–freeing up more space for you to get the full taste out of your foods.

Eat More Quickly Again

One of the nuisances of eating with dentures is that it can be hard to chew with them in. Chewing has to be done in a special technique to avoid dislodging dentures, and even so it’s less efficient because you have less bite force. That means mealtime stretches out for much longer–far past the point of enjoyment. And you’re focused on chewing the whole time, so you can’t enjoy the other aspects of mealtime, such as companionship and conversation with friends and family.

But with dental implants, you’ll be able to chew quickly again. You’ll be able to eat as quickly and efficiently as ever–even take time to talk over your meal again.

Fewer Digestive Problems

People with dentures often experience more digestive discomfort because they’re not able to chew as efficiently. No matter how long you take working on your food, it’s likely that you’re not going to do as good a job chewing as you did with natural teeth. That means more indigestion, more gas, and more heartburn–not to mention difficulties in the lower digestive tract!

Dental implants restore your chewing efficiency, so you’ll see a reduction in these digestive problems. They’ll go back down to the level they were at before you lost your teeth.

It’s Time to Enjoy Food Again

Food should be more than just fuel for your body. It should be a sensual delight, and an occasion to get together with friends and family to enjoy conversation and companionship. If you are unhappy with the way dentures are sapping your enjoyment of food, we can help.

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