You don’t need snow for a white Christmas (and in Vegas, you’re unlikely to get it. Here in North Vegas, the probability of snow at Christmas is essentially 0%!). At Dr. Polley’s Las Vegas dental office, we offer patients only the best professional teeth whitening: KöR Whitening.

Why KöR Whitening?

There are so many options for teeth whitening out there, why does Dr. Polley exclusively use KöR Whitening? Because every patient deserves effective teeth whitening. If you want poor or mediocre results, there are many over-the-counter options that will suffice. However, if you are prepared to invest in quality teeth whitening, Dr. Polley believes KöR Whitening is the only brand of whitening that consistently delivers satisfying results.

That’s because of the many benefits KöR Whitening offers. First, KöR Whitening utilizes some of the strongest whitening formulas available. The unique KöR Whitening trays are custom-fit, creating a tight seal that helps the whiteners work longer without being diluted by saliva. This helps it combat stronger stains that many other whiteners can’t affect, including tetracycline stains. In addition, the KöR Whitening solutions are transported and stored cold to maintain their effectiveness. That helps them deliver consistent results. you can count on effective whitening every time.

At-home whitening is the best approach to achieving the beautiful smile you desire. It doesn’t dramatically brighten your smile quickly, which calls attention to the whitening. Instead, it works gradually so that your teeth appear naturally whiter. Expect people to compliment you on your smile or say that you look younger without knowing why. Another benefit of at-home whitening is that you can maintain your results for life. Once your teeth are as white as you want, just use the whitening trays periodically for maintenance.

But the best thing for many people is that KöR Whitening reduces or eliminates tooth sensitivity. They worked for years to develop an approach to whitening that is gentler than the other options available. With KöR Whitening, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to enjoy the confidence of a bright, beautiful smile.

Give the Gift of a Smile to Yourself–and Everyone Else

Brightening your smile is one of the easiest ways you can restore your confidence in your appearance. And what’s more: you’re not the only one who will benefit. People around you notice if you’ve been hiding or suppressing your smile because of discoloration. However, they likely don’t know why. Instead, they might feel that you are unhappy or angry with them. They miss your smiling face. But when you find the confidence to smile again, it can make you feel better. And when you share your smile, those around you feel the effects. You start by brightening your smile and end up brightening their day.

And while you’re showing off your smile this season, follow these tips for fresh breath at holiday parties so it’ll be your bright smile and not your bad breath that knocks everyone out!

If you want to know more about teeth whitening at Dr. Polley’s office, call our Las Vegas office today to schedule an appointment. We can talk to you about your smile and how you might benefit from teeth whitening.

And from all of us at Dr. Polley’s Las Vegas dental office, we want to wish everyone a happy Christmas holiday.