Is sleep apnea keeping you from a full night’s rest? Has treatment with a CPAP machine made sleeping more difficult? Then a custom-made sleep apnea appliance from Dr. Polley’s Las Vegas dental office may be just what you need. With a sleep apnea appliance, patients can finally get the rest they deserve.

How a Sleep Apnea Appliance Works

Some sleep apnea appliances work by bringing the tongue forward, ensuring that it can’t block important air passages. Others work by repositioning the lower jaw, tongue, and soft palate.

Regardless of which is most right for you, the goal is the same—to make it possible for sleep apnea patients to get a full night’s rest. But it’s not just sleep apnea patients who can benefit from a sleep apnea appliance.

Partners of sleep apnea patients can benefit, too, since sleep apnea appliances often staunch the restless tossing and turning and snoring caused by apnea.

Relief from Sleep Apnea Is Possible, and Dr. Polley Can Help

If you’d like to find out more about how a sleep apnea appliance can make it possible to sleep through the night, call our dental office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Polley.