Maybe you’ve noticed that there’s something special about today. It’s leap day. Leap day only happens every four years, meaning we won’t see another one until 2016. Unlike leap days, though, regular checkups should come much sooner.

How much sooner?

About every six months.

Why so often?

For two reasons. First, regular checkups let Dr. Polley keep your smile clean with regular cleanings and thorough oral exams. Second, they make it easier for us to help you plan your smile’s future.

What that means is, if we find anything wrong, we can recommend a treatment that will help you reclaim your oral health, or we can suggest a cosmetic service that might help you improve the confidence of your smile.

Are you ready to schedule your next dental checkup with Dr. Polley? If so, give our office a call today. And while you’re in, we’d be happy to discuss any of our general, cosmetic, or restorative services with you. We serve patients from all throughout the Las Vegas area.