When placed by an experienced dentist in an ideal patient, the dental implant success rate is well over 90%. But it’s not 100%. So even this very successful procedure doesn’t work sometimes. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up. Often, if your dental implants fail the first time, we can try again, with a high chance that the second time they will succeed.

Why Did the First Implant Fail?

It’s an important rule of life that one should never make the same mistake twice, so we will start by trying to figure out what caused the first implant to fail.

The most common cause of dental implant failure is gum disease. If this was the case for your dental implants, it’s important that we treat the gum disease and make modifications to your oral hygiene to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Smoking and systemic illnesses like diabetes can contribute to your risk of dental implant failure. Before undergoing a second dental implant attempt, it might be necessary to make a renewed commitment to quitting or controlling your blood sugar to help improve your odds of success.

It’s also possible that on reviewing the cause of your first dental implant failure, we might determine that dental implants just aren’t the right procedure for you in this case, and we may recommend dental bridges or dentures.

Your Second Dental Implant Procedure

The second dental implant might be placed right after the first one is remove, and should last a while.

However, there are many reasons why we might have to wait before placing a new implant. If you have gum disease, we might have to wait until the gum disease is treated before placing a new implant. Other times, you may not have enough bone left after the first implant was removed, either because of the extraction or because of infection. Then we might have to wait on a bone graft to take hold before we can proceed with your new implant.

Second Implant, Second Opinion

If you’re facing the failure of your first implant and are considering a second one, you should start by getting a second opinion about your first and second dental implants. You should get this opinion before the first implant is removed. This will allow your dentist to assess both the first implant and your overall oral health to determine:

  • Can the first implant be saved?
  • What caused the second implant to fail?
  • Is a second implant a good idea?
  • What is the best approach for the second implant?

Once you have gotten these answers, compare them with what your first dentist told you about your dental implants. Then decide whether you want to work with the same dentist for your replacement veneer or whether you’d rather work with a new dentist.

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