Dental implants are designed for immediate function

We understand. If you have lost a tooth in an accident, you want to have your smile back as soon as possible. And if you’re facing the loss of a tooth because of decay or gum disease, part of your fear is having a gap in your smile. Not only that: you want to get back to speaking and eating normally as quickly as possible.

That’s why we design dental implant procedures to restore your appearance and function as soon as possible. Often, you will have a fully functional replacement tooth the same day your implant is placed. It may even be ready the same day your natural tooth was extracted!

Meeting the Standards for Immediate Function

During your consultations, we will perform comprehensive evaluations of your teeth, gums, and bone. We will make sure that your mouth is healthy enough to receive a dental implant. We will also make sure that there’s enough bone to support your dental implant.

We will be able to let you know if there are reasons why you can’t get your implant right away. We may have to treat gum disease or perform a bone graft before your implant can be placed. If necessary, we will plan to perform these procedures in a timely fashion so you can get your implant as quickly as possible.

Often, a bone graft can be performed at the same time as your implant is placed–and you still may be able to get your replacement tooth the same day.

Unfortunately, despite all our planning, there is always some uncertainty about dental implant placement. The final decision about whether your new tooth can be functional immediately depends on the stability of the implant once it’s placed. Sometimes, we have to decide not to place a functional restoration on the day of your surgery.

You Won’t Be Left with a Gap

However, even if you can’t get a functional restoration on the day of surgery, we have options to make sure you still have a complete, attractive smile when you leave our office.

A partial denture is an inexpensive option. It doesn’t have the stability we might prefer–you’ll probably have to take it out to eat and it may take some getting used to for talking. But a partial denture can still look attractive.

Another option is a clear plastic cover that fits over your teeth, and has a replacement tooth built in. These can also affect your speech and aren’t functional for eating, but they’re a bit more stable than a partial denture. And, again, they look attractive.

Perhaps the best option is a temporary bridge that we can cement in place while your implant heals. When your implant is ready to get its own crown, the temporary bridge is removed.

We can discuss these at the time of your surgery–if necessary. Most of the time, implants work great and give you an immediately attractive, immediately functional smile.

Read Trenna’s story to see how your smile can be restored after an accident. To learn more about the benefits of dental implants in Las Vegas, please call (702) 873-0324 today for an appointment at the office of implant dentist Dr. James B. Polley.