Dental Crowns are among the most popular and requested procedures in dentistry. That’s because they’re so versatile, and they give such great results. They work great as a restorative dentistry treatment, but they are also capable of playing an important role in cosmetic dentistry as well.

Not only that, but with our CEREC technology, dental crowns, can be very convenient–just one appointment for a beautiful, strong restoration.

Why Dental Crowns Are Often the Right Choice for Your Smile

Strengthening a Weakened Tooth

When your tooth has been badly damaged by decay, trauma, or erosion, we usually call on a dental crown because it has the power to strengthen and protect your damaged tooth.

Dental crowns are physically strong. The materials used in modern ceramic dental crowns are far stronger than the porcelain we used to use–many of them are even stronger than your tooth enamel. That means that they can take the bite forces you will subject them to, no matter where in your mouth the damaged tooth is.

And because dental crowns wrap completely around the visible part of the tooth, they can brace it completely, giving it complete protection.

This protection isn’t just about protection from physical stress, it’s protection from chemical attack. Tooth enamel is vulnerable to acids from oral bacteria, foods and drinks, and stomach acid. But modern ceramics resist acidic attack so your covered teeth can stay healthy as long as the crown is in place and properly sealed.

Putting on a Beautiful Smile

But dental crowns don’t just give strength to a damaged tooth–they can make the tooth beautiful, too. When your tooth is decayed, eroded, cracked, or restored with old fillings, it can look very unattractive: discolored, poorly shaped, and unhealthy.

When a dental crown is placed over a damaged tooth, the tooth gets a completely new exterior. Discoloration and damage gets concealed. The new exterior is beautiful, smooth, and healthy in appearance. It looks like a natural tooth, thanks to the beauty of modern ceramics.

The combination of strength and beauty is why dental crowns can do the work of veneers, but are more versatile. They provide more complete coverage and help teeth that need more than a veneer.

Dental crowns also help to maintain the beauty of treated teeth. They’re resistant to cracking, erosion, and staining. With proper care, the glazed exterior can maintain its beauty for years, even if you’re a coffee drinker.

A Fresh Start for Your Smile

If your smile has been damaged or isn’t as attractive as it used to be, dental crowns can help. And with our CEREC technology, dental crowns are more convenient than ever. In just one appointment, you can enjoy a beautifully restored smile.

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