Cosmetic dentistry has many benefits that are impossible to measure, such as improvements in your self-esteem, mood, and other things that cannot be put on paper. For many people, this is enough to make it worth the investment, but others may want a more definite return on investment before they take the plunge.

As with any investment, it’s impossible to predict what exactly your return will be, but the numbers look pretty good for cosmetic dentistry.

An Attractive Smile, Hiring, and Income

Whether you’re looking for a job, whether you’re unemployed, angling for a promotion, or trying to move to a new company, an attractive smile can help. According to recent research, people with a straight smile were more likely to be hired over someone with similar qualifications than people with crooked teeth (58% vs. 40%). In simulated interviews with real hiring managers, 58% of people saw their job prospects improve because of teeth whitening, and 53% of them would have been offered higher salaries.

Sociologists have also discovered that there’s a “beauty premium,” which means that attractive people earn an average of 9% more than their less attractive peers.

Smiles and Sales

If you’re in any type of sales, smiling is also important. Your smile breeds trust, and you will likely find it harder to close deals if you’re too self-conscious to show your smile.

In addition, research shows that a smile can affect a person’s demand and willingness to pay for a product. When shown a smile, thirsty people tend to be eager to drink more, and they are willing to pay twice as much for a drink!

And smiles improve both your morale and the customer’s experience. Research in Korea found  customers had a more positive experience after dealing with a smiling employee.

If self-consciousness keeps you from smiling, you aren’t telling potential clients that you’re uncomfortable with your smile. They interpret your lack of a smile as being related to the sale. Are you uncomfortable with your product? Are you lying? Are you unhappy with your company? These negative signals can make it harder to close any kind of deal, whether you’re in retail or trying to land a big marketing deal.

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