CEREC MachineWe’ve talked before about the benefits of CEREC crowns in a day, but one thing we didn’t address is that CEREC is very useful when something unexpected crops up. Because life is full of uncertainty, having the flexibility of CEREC is really helpful.

What If the Color Doesn’t match?

This is something we talked about before, but it’s a common peril when working with the lab: the color of the dental crown really doesn’t match when we get it back. This often happens because it’s hard to communicate color to the lab properly. Unfortunately, if the restoration comes from the lab, there’s little that can be done. Sometimes the color can be tweaked, but usually not very much. You just have to wait for another two weeks.

But with CEREC we are prepared to customize the color to ensure perfect match. And if we can’t get it to match perfectly, we can make a new crown.

What If the Crown Doesn’t Fit?

Impression errors can be unfortunately common, depending on the talent of the dentist and his staff, so you might have waited two weeks for a dental crown only to be told that it really doesn’t fit. Then your dentist may try to grind your tooth down some more to make it fit. Often, though, there’s nothing for it but to send new impressions to the lab.

But if your CEREC crown doesn’t fit (which is very rare), it’s easier to fix. Because the CEREC crown has just been milled, it’s easier to work, so we’re less likely to need to grind your teeth down more. And, again, if there’s no other option, making a new crown won’t take two weeks.

Accidents Happen

But what to do if you leave our office with a perfectly fitting crown and get in a car accident? Or trip, fall down, and break your crown? With CEREC, that’s easy: the design of the crown is stored in the computer, so we can just tell it to make another one.

Even if it’s been months or years, we can call up the data on your crown, and, after making sure nothing else has changed on the tooth, we can manufacture a replacement quickly.

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