Fillings are the most common procedure in reconstructive dentistry. In the past, fillings were often made of metal amalgam, a primitive mix of mercury and other metals that, while durable, could be damaging to your teeth, the environment, and possibly your health.

These have largely been replaced with tooth-colored fillings, which most commonly means resin composite fillings, which are mostly plastic. But if you’re looking for the best fillings available, durable, attractive, and comfortable ceramic fillings are the answer.

Stronger and More Durable

Ceramic fillings aren’t your average porcelain. Instead, they’re advanced ceramics that are stronger than any you’re used to, perhaps ten time stronger than your tooth enamel. This makes them highly durable. In fact, they’re the longest-lasting fillings, according to clinical studies, with lower failure rates than gold and metal amalgam. That’s a truly remarkable accomplishment.

Ceramic fillings are so strong that they have the ability to restore strength to your teeth. A cavity can weaken your teeth, but a ceramic fillings can help hold your teeth together, restoring some of their lost strength.

The Most Beautiful Fillings

Ceramic fillings are also the most beautiful fillings available. Resin fillings are a great improvement over metal amalgam. Metal amalgam starts out silver and turns black with oxidation. But resin fillings, while closer to your teeth are also not exactly like natural enamel.

When they’re placed, resin fillings are given a polish that helps them mimic the luster of tooth ceramic, but wear can remove the polish, causing them to look dull. And plastic fillings are vulnerable to staining.

Ceramic fillings, though, naturally have a similar luster to your tooth enamel. We can even choose from different materials to give them the same translucency as your natural teeth. They retain their polish against wear, and they resist staining. Their glaze protects them against staining that affects your natural teeth.

More Comfortable Fillings

If you have had metal amalgam fillings, you’re probably familiar with the way that they can cause sensitivity, especially when you’re drinking hot or cold beverages. That’s because metal amalgam fillings expand and contract much more rapidly than your natural teeth material. This can cause them to push into your teeth, pressing on the pulp, or open up gaps that lets cold material close to your pulp.

But ceramic fillings have the same rate of expansion as your natural tooth material, this means that you’re less likely to experience heat or cold sensitivity with this type of filling.

The Convenience of Modern Science

In the past, people didn’t choose ceramic fillings for the simple reason that they required multiple visits to complete. You had to come in one day, get your tooth prepared, have the plan sent off to a dental lab where they manufactured the filings. Then you had to come back in for another visit.

But now with CEREC we can create your ceramic fillings in one visit. We will remove decay from your teeth, plan your new fillings on the computer, then send the design to the computer-controlled milling machine, which shapes them.

Experience the Benefits of Ceramic Fillings

If you are unhappy with the results you’ve gotten from other fillings, now is the time to see just how much ceramic fillings can do for you. To learn more, please call (702) 873-0324 today for an appointment with Las Vegas cosmetic dentist Dr. James B. Polley.