One of the fears that people have about getting a smile makeover is that it will make them look fake. However, the opposite is true–a smile makeover can actually make you look more genuine.

Will a smile makeover make you look more genuine when you smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry Looks Natural

Many people worry that their cosmetic dentistry won’t look natural. They will point to a few extreme cases they’ve seen of people whose smiles look fake. But those are just the ones you notice. Many people around you have had smile makeovers, and you don’t know it. Cosmetic dentistry can look natural, just like beautiful, healthy teeth.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Look at our smile gallery, and you’ll see that the smiles we craft are truly natural in their appearance. Seeing them on the street, few people would suspect that these smiles are anything but natural. So there’s no worry that these smiles aren’t going to make you look more genuine.

Smiles Make You Look More Genuine

One benefit of your smile makeover is that you’ll be smiling a lot more often. When you were unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, you were more likely to hide your smile, so people didn’t see you smiling.

But this could have been making you look less trustworthy. Studies have shown that one of the powers of smiling is that it makes you look more trustworthy. It’s a simple gesture, but it can have a profound effect on those around you. And a smile makeover can make it easier to show that smile.

No More Faking Smiles

Maybe you’ve known how smiles impact others and wanted to look trustworthy. In that case, you’ve been making yourself smile. These tight-lipped smiles designed to avoid showing your teeth are what can really make you seem fake. People pick up on the fact that you don’t want to smile, although they may not know why. These put-on smiles make people think of you as a fake person.

But with your new, beautiful smile, you’ll be able to share a genuine smile. You’ll be happy to share your teeth, and everyone will enjoy the new, vivacious, earnest you they’re seeing.

Let Your True Self out

Many people worry that getting cosmetic dentistry is like putting on a mask, but the truth is usually closer to the opposite. Many people feel that their unhealthy or unattractive smile confines them and keeps them from being their true selves. It keeps you from smiling freely or joining in when people get together.

But removing that barrier helps you just be yourself. You can smile when you feel like it and not worry about the appearance of your smile.

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