Like everything else in the world, dentistry is going digital, and that’s good news for you. You’ll get more accurate restorations and spend less time in the dental chair. And you won’t have to bite down into impression material, either.

But not all dentists have joined the digital dentistry revolution. If you are considering reconstructive dentistry, there are many good reasons why you should seek out a digital dentist for your procedures.

More Accurate Restorations

Studies have shown that digital impressions are at least as accurate as physical ones, but there are many reasons why they can be used to produce superior restorations, either to cover your teeth or to be supported by dental implants.

First, it’s easier to get multiple digital impressions. This gives the lab more information about what they’re working with. They have a variety of impressions that lets them understand the situation and the cosmetic goals. Digital photographs and radiographs can be easily superimposed to provide a more comprehensive picture.

And it’s easy for dentists to work digitally with the lab to talk over concerns. There’s no need for a lab technician to try to read a dentist’s mind–they can chat over the pictures of your mouth and even over the developing design of the restoration. This helps prevent problems of design that could lead to remakes.

Faster Restorations

A lot of the time it took to make restorations in the past were actually related to transferring information between the dentist and the lab. Sending images and models via the mail took days, even weeks in some cases. Now it can be done instantly. That means work on your restorations can start sooner.

And then there’s CEREC, which means we don’t even have to send the images to a lab–we can produce your restorations right here in our office, which has its own benefits.

Less Time in the Chair

By all standards, we have pretty comfortable treatment chairs, but that doesn’t mean you want to spend more time in them than you have to. Digital impressions reduce the amount of time you spend in the chair. Digital impressions are faster to take than physical impressions, so you’re saving time from the start. Even if we take more of them, it won’t take longer than it takes to get physical impressions.

In the past, we would often make models of your restorations for you to try in before we had the final made. This whole step is made obsolete in most cases by digital impressions. Your restorations can be tried in digitally. We can even make reproductions of your jaw for a physical try-in. And the accuracy of restorations gives us confidence that this will be effective.

And because the digitally-designed impressions are more likely to be right, we’ll spend less time adjusting your restorations.

Greater Comfort

And last but not least, digital dentistry is more comfortable for you. There’s no need to bite down on soft, gooey material and hold it in your teeth. This means less gagging at the dentist for you.

And when your impressions are accurate, they’ll be more comfortable to wear.

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