The Internet is a great source of information. Unfortunately, it’s also a great source of misinformation as well, including numerous teeth whitening shortcuts that people will unknowingly try, and, in the process, damage their teeth.

It Might Work . . . for a Little WhileApple Vinegar Teeth Whitening

This home remedy for whitening tells people to rub a little undiluted apple cider vinegar on their teeth daily, then rinse it off.

The worst thing about apple cider vinegar is that it can be effective . . . sort of. Apple cider vinegar is a strong acid, about as acidic as cola, the most acidic type of soda. This acid can break down stain molecules that get trapped in your teeth, especially those on the surface level. This means that putting apple cider vinegar on your teeth can remove such stains. But that’s not all it’s removing. The strong acid in vinegar will instantly begin breaking down your tooth enamel.

Your teeth will become stained again, so you’ll use more vinegar. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that your enamel will remineralize as fast as you’re removing it, so you’ll be wearing away your enamel. It’s the same problem as using very abrasive whitening toothpastes, or trying the strawberry teeth whitening remedy.

Researchers have already documented the damaging potential of apple cider vinegar when used as a natural remedy. People who drink it as a weight loss aid can experience erosion of tooth enamel. If you don’t like the thought of drinking vinegar (who does), but you still want to get the purported health benefits of apple cider vinegar, you might try taking a supplement. But these can be so acidic they can damage your throat tissue.

Who Can Benefit from Apple Cider Vinegar

But some people can genuinely benefit from apple cider vinegar–if they’ve already lost their teeth. Denture wearers can use apple cider vinegar to help ward off oral thrush–it’s very effective against Candida fungus.

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