If you’re preparing to replace your current dentures with dentures supported by dental implants, you may be wondering, which option is better—All-on-4 implants or mini implants? Both are highly effective for helping patients restore their smiles, but it’s hard to say that one is better overall. It ultimately depends on your situation.

How All-On-4 Works

All-on-4 dental implants are great for replacing a complete row of teeth, whether on the bottom or the top. As the name suggests, only four implants are needed. They’re placed strategically to take advantage of your existing bone density, and are designed for immediate use. All of which means you can have your new teeth placed in the morning, and then enjoy a meal with your family or friends later that night.

How Are Mini-Implants Different?

Like All-on-4s, mini implants are designed for immediate use, with very little recovery time needed. What’s more, mini implants can also be placed without a bone grafting appointment, and they’re a great option for patients who can’t undergo an invasive oral procedure. What sets them apart is that they are primarily designed for replacing lower teeth instead of both upper and lower teeth.

Make An Informed Decision

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