Benefits of CERECOne of the most revolutionary developments in reconstructive dentistry is the development of the CEREC system, which allows us to create dental crowns in one day. This system offers many benefits for you, which makes choosing a reconstructive dentist with CEREC a great idea.

Not Just Crowns

Although we often talk about CEREC for its ability to make dental crowns in a day since this is its most common use, CEREC can be used for many different restorations. We can use it to make porcelain veneers (especially for one restoration, such as for a chipped tooth or a broken veneer), or tooth-colored fillings such as porcelain inlays or onlays.

Ceramic Has the Luster of Natural Teeth

If you don’t have the option of CEREC, you may be tempted to settle for a composite restoration, which is, don’t get us wrong, a pretty good restoration, but in the end your tooth enamel is basically a natural ceramic, and nothing gives the same luster, depth, and translucency like a ceramic.

Better Color Match

CEREC blocks come in more than 10 shades, allowing us to get a better color match than some other restoration options. The color match is really just as good as you typically get from a lab-based restoration, and often better, because Dr. Polley can custom-stain each restoration during the try-in to make sure the color match is just perfect.

Suitable for Dental Implants

CEREC crowns aren’t just used for putting a crown on your natural teeth. They can be used to make a crown for a dental implant. This is especially good if you break a crown on a dental implant. Your implant may last forever, but the crowns aren’t expected to, and CEREC means you can get your crown replaced without having a gap in your smile.

Good Performance

CEREC restorations have very good performance compared to other types of dental restorations.

Digital Impressions

While it’s true that modern impression materials aren’t quite as gag-worthy as old plaster impressions, they can be uncomfortable and messy. They can also be hard to get right if you’re being asked to bite down while numbed, or if the dentist or tech is a little fumble-fingered. Digital impressions aren’t subject to the same errors as manual impressions.

Crowns While You Wait

And, of course, the biggest advantage is that you can get your restorations made in just one visit. No need to make a second appointment or live with a temporary crown, and all the restrictions and potential sensitivity  that entails.

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