dreamstime_m_15567872If your teeth have been damaged by trauma or decay, reconstructive dentistry can repair them to give you an attractive smile again. But your reconstructive dentist will make a big difference in the results you enjoy. Here’s how:

More Treatment Options

These days, almost any damage to your teeth can be repaired. Not only that, but it can usually be repaired in more than one way. In fact, there may be many options to choose from. Choosing the right dentist will give you the opportunity to consider and select from a wider variety of treatment options.

More Attractive Results

Reconstructive dentistry requires scientific knowledge of the material and anatomical aspects of your teeth, but it also requires an artistic touch. A reconstructive dentist must be able to not only envision the proper results, but must have the touch to properly execute those results. Always make sure you look at a dentist’s smile gallery before agreeing to reconstructive work.

More Comfortable Results

One of the essential skills a reconstructive dentist needs is an understanding of how your teeth fit together to create a healthy bite. If your reconstructive dentist doesn’t understand how to make your restorations fit into that system, you may find that your bite just doesn’t feel right after getting restorations.

Longer-Lasting Results

Restorations that don’t fit your bite are not only less comfortable, they don’t tend to last as long. For many restorations, fitting poorly into your bite can lead to a fracture of the restoration, wear of the restoration, or wear of the opposing teeth, all of which means one thing: more reconstructive dentistry sooner than you would like.

A Long-Term Relationship

Some dentists are dedicated to getting patients in just for the more expensive procedures, then turning them out. This can make it hard to get follow-up care or to get a problem with your reconstruction fixed. Other dentists want to develop a long-term relationship with patients, which can extend beyond your immediate need. They will be happy to answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have.

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