Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentistry, James B. Polley DDS


Morning in the office. Portrait of a smiling professional woman

We Can Help You Save Your Smile

Date: Jun 08, 2017

  We know it’s easy to get discouraged about the state of your oral health. If your teeth are damaged or decayed, discolored or displaced, you might think that it can’t be made better again. But the truth is that with modern dental technology and…

Beautiful blond woman sitting alone in cafeteria, smoking a ciga

“Social Smokers” Suffer Same Health Harms as Daily Smokers

Date: Jun 05, 2017

Smoking is one of the most dangerous habits you can have for your oral and overall health. Although many people have gotten the message and have quit, there are many people who are still daily smokers. But there are also people who occasionally smoke a…

Beautiful mature woman, smiling

How Can My Smile Help Me Look Younger?

Date: May 31, 2017

It’s no secret that we’re all getting older, but the good news is that you don’t have to act your age, if you don’t want to. And you certainly don’t have to look your age, either. If you are looking to keep looking younger, maintaining…

Toothbrush with toothpaste on blurred background

What Is the Best Toothpaste to Use?

Date: May 15, 2017

  Brushing your teeth is supposed to protect them from damage, but some toothpastes can actually be damaging your teeth. The problem is that many toothpastes are highly abrasive and can wear away tooth enamel. And they’re especially damaging to the dentin under the enamel…

Healthy fruit and vegetable juice on wooden background

Protect Your Teeth: Skip the Juicing Trend

Date: May 10, 2017

Juicing continues to be a big trend in our country. Everyone is promoting the value of fruit juices, especially those who run juice stands or sell juicing machines. They want you to think that if you’re not juicing, you’re not healthy. But the truth is…

Woman Smiling

The Hidden Power of Smiles

Date: May 01, 2017

Smiling is more than just something you should do when you feel good: it’s an incredibly powerful recipe for health, longevity, and, yes, happiness. That’s lots of reasons to smile every day.   Smiling Predicts Your Marriage, Well-Being, and Longevity   You might think that…

Young woman listening to music

Millennials Facing Surprising Oral Health Challenges

Date: Apr 03, 2017

In general, our oral health challenges increase as we get older. It makes sense that many people are focused on the . But it turns out that some younger Americans may actually be at greater risk for poor oral health. Young adults, those often described…


CEREC Restorations Resist Coffee Stains

Date: Mar 21, 2017

If you get a to cover a discolored tooth, you want to make sure that the crown itself isn’t going to become stained. We have some good news for you: the material used for making CEREC crowns is highly resistant to staining, much more resistant…

tax return forms

Don’t Forget to Deduct Dental Care on Taxes

Date: Mar 14, 2017

We are rapidly approaching tax time here in the US, and that means it’s time to finally assemble the return you’ve been procrastinating on for so long.   But here’s some good news if you’re scrambling for last-minute deductions. . That’s right, every dollar spent…

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Heart

Date: Feb 22, 2017

February is American heart Month, and we want to make sure we remind everyone that . We understand that this is news for many people, but the truth is that this is really an old story. In fact, even ancient Egyptians, who often had terrible…

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