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Young woman listening to music

Millennials Facing Surprising Oral Health Challenges

Date: Apr 03, 2017

In general, our oral health challenges increase as we get older. It makes sense that many people are focused on the . But it turns out that some younger Americans may actually be at greater risk for poor oral health. Young adults, those often described…


CEREC Restorations Resist Coffee Stains

Date: Mar 21, 2017

If you get a to cover a discolored tooth, you want to make sure that the crown itself isn’t going to become stained. We have some good news for you: the material used for making CEREC crowns is highly resistant to staining, much more resistant…

tax return forms

Don’t Forget to Deduct Dental Care on Taxes

Date: Mar 14, 2017

We are rapidly approaching tax time here in the US, and that means it’s time to finally assemble the return you’ve been procrastinating on for so long.   But here’s some good news if you’re scrambling for last-minute deductions. . That’s right, every dollar spent…

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Heart

Date: Feb 22, 2017

February is American heart Month, and we want to make sure we remind everyone that . We understand that this is news for many people, but the truth is that this is really an old story. In fact, even ancient Egyptians, who often had terrible…

Why Can’t You Commit to Cosmetic Dentistry?

Date: Feb 15, 2017

  Are you unhappy with the appearance of your smile? How long has it been bothering you? Many people spend years being unhappy about the appearance of their smile, but can’t seem to do anything about it. If you are one of these people, we…

Designing Aesthetic Standards for Dental Implants

Date: Feb 07, 2017

  Dental implants offer many benefits. They function just like natural teeth. They’re easy to care for. And they can last a lifetime. But for many people, the big attraction of dental implants is that they can . People want a restoration that doesn’t just…

Use the Power of Your Smile to Improve the World

Date: Jan 30, 2017

  Many people may not appreciate the power of their smiles. Especially those who hide their smile because they lack confidence about its appearance may not understand that hiding their smile affects others, too. But it’s true: your smile has the power to make the…

Composite Fillings Failures: Is There a Better Tooth-Colored Option?

Date: Jan 17, 2017

Composite fillings are a great tooth-colored filling option, but they’re not foolproof. Composite fillings can last for many years, but they are likely to need to be replaced at some point. Now a new study gives us a thorough breakdown of the possible causes of…

Mouthwash and toothbrush

Do Herbal Mouthwashes Work?

Date: Jan 10, 2017

For years, people suspicious of modern Western medicine have taken aim at many of the tools of the trade in dentistry and other areas of medicine. is a high-profile target, but there are many other less prominent attacks on traditional dental remedies, including mouthwash. Part…

5 Reasons Dental Implants Are Best for Your Remaining Teeth

Date: Jan 03, 2017

  If you have lost one or more teeth, replacing them is crucial for keeping your remaining teeth. That’s why it’s best to choose the tooth replacement option that is best for your remaining teeth, which is . Here are some of the many ways…

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